The Role of Volunteers

The Role of volunteers within a blood donor organization should include:

  • Maintaining close contact with local blood centers to ascertain the need of donors.
  • Urging lawmakers to enact legislation, where necessary, to prohibit the practice of paid or family replacement donation.
  • Working closely with health authorities to establish the necessary guidelines for blood donation – for instance maintaining the anonymity of both donor and patient-and ensuring that blood centers are sufficiently modern and efficient.
  • Experience shows it is difficult to retain donors if collection facilities are shoddy and blood center staff inefficient and badly trained.
  • Enhancing donors- experience by greeting, guiding and accompanying them throughout their donation experience.
  • Helping educate current and potential blood donors about the crucial service they can provide by avoiding high risk behavior.
  • Urging other voluntary organization – such as religious bodies, youth organization, labour unions and sports teams – to support and participate in the movement
  • Forming partnerships with curriculum coordinators of schools and colleges so blood donor information becomes part of their educational programmers.
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