The importance of a Voluntary Blood Donor Organization

An ideal model for the foundation of a safe blood supply is a committed group of healthy, altruistic blood donors who have been recruited by a well-organized and dynamic blood donor organization. Countries that have efficient voluntary blood donor organization are able to sustain a constant inflow of donors.

The goal of securing a sufficient number of voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors for a regular and safe supply of blood has not yet been achieved. A blood donor organization an be critical in ensuring that there is a sufficient blood supply. This fact sheet outlines how to set up and administer such an organization in your community. Who should be involved? A few highly enthusiastic volunteers should be found, preferably at the local level, should be indentified to forma motivation body.

While medical doctors are experts in their field, they often have little or no experience in marketing, public advocacy, media strategy, fund-raising, or law. It is in these areas that the expertise of volunteers can be especially helpful. The volunteers should be supported by an adequate budget that will cover logistical expenses and also pay for outreach campaigns.

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