Blood Center Goal & Objectives of Voluntary Blood Donation


To wipe off the scarcity of blood and ensure availability of safe and quality blood and other blood components, round the clock and throughout the year. This will lead to alleviation of human sufferings, even to the far-flung remote areas in the country.

Objective: Voluntary blood donation is perhaps one of the most perfect examples of altruism in action. The objective of collecting blood through voluntary blood donation are:
  • Provide safe and quality blood and blood components collected from voluntary donors, round the clock, at affordable cost to the general public and free of cost to the poor.
  • Ensure safety and quality of blood.
  • Motivate and maintain a permanent well-indexed record of voluntary blood donors.
  • Educating the community on the beneficial aspects of blood donation and harmful effect of collecting blood from paid donors.
  • Actively encourage voluntary blood donation and gradually eliminate professional blood donors.
  • Promote AIDS awareness and education to the general public.
  • Assists the various Organizations, Clubs, Colleges, Public & Private Institutions and the Public to conduct voluntary blood donation drives and arrange for motivational talks to enable progressively increase the number of voluntary non-remunerated blood donors every year.
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