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In the last 6 Months have you had any history of
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Tuberculosis Abnormal bleeding tendency
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  I have read and understood all the information presented above and answered all the questions to the best of my knowledge, and hereby declare that
(a) I am ready to donate blood if requested by blood bank/ patients/ patients relatives voluntarily on my own free will, without any expectation of replacement of blood, or any favour in form of cash or kind.
(b) Donation of Blood/ Components is a Medical Procedure and I accept the risk Associated with Blood Donation Procedure.
(c) My Blood or Blood products may be utilized by the blood bank for unknown recipient requiring blood/blood products or may be disposed off as per blood bank norms or Government policy.
(d) I fully understand that voluntary blood donation is a humanitarian service and the persons demanding my blood may be in the state of stress. I hereby declare that under such circumstances I shall patiently handle the situation and keep my cool while contacting me even if during Odd hours/time. In case of unavoidable circumstances I shall write to SBTC, UP to withdraw my offer as voluntary blood donor and to remove my name from voluntary blood donor list on the website without any conflict.
(e) My Blood will be Tested for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Malaria Parasite, HIV and Venereal Diseases in addition to any other screening tests required for ensuring Blood Safety.
(f) All disputes are subject to Lucknow Jurisdiction only.
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